What are you going to commit to?

by | Oct 6, 2023 | Wellness

A great question. What am I going to commit to at this time to further my evolution into who I want to become? I am grateful for having recently been given the time and sacred space to give this consideration.

As part of an ongoing commitment to my own well-being, I am currently enrolled in a 3-month mindfulness group offered by talented therapist and wilderness guide, Zoe Gillis, through her company Wild Minds. https://www.wildmindsretreats.com/

During our first session together, we were asked to contemplate this question. As I reflect on what I want to commit to over these next 3 months, and beyond, it is this; “I am committed to doing despite fear, to continue trying until it becomes easier, and to risk vulnerability to ask for what I need and what I want. “

The work we do on ourselves is an ongoing journey. We are never done because there is no destination or final static state. And this is a good thing, a joyous thing! We are continually evolving and therefore have continuous opportunity to grow.

We may not get everything we want or achieve everything we set out to achieve. However, if we do not commit to trying, we risk getting nothing.

So, my fellow explorers, what are you going to commit to…?

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